All churches – whether or not they have a succession plan – were asked about their interest in information on resources that help with church succession planning in the next year or so. One in eight U.S. churches (12%) say they are definitely interested in these types of resources, while 24% are probably interested, 35% are probably not interested, and 27% are definitely not interested.

African-American churches are far more likely than average to say they are definitely interested in succession planning resources. This includes black denominations, black pastors and predominately black congregations. Non-white pastors and congregations (a category which includes black pastors and congregations) are also more inclined to be interested in these types of materials. [Note: All differences here are highly statistically significant (i.e., not due to random error).


Let’s say there are roughly 300,000 churches in America. If true, here is what these responses represent.

  • 36,000 Pastors are “definitely” interested
  • 72,000 Pastors are “probably” interested
  • 105,000 Pastors are “probably not” interested
  • 81,000 Pastors are “definitely not” interested
  • 6,000 Pastors are “not sure” if they are interested

There are 108,000 church leaders that are genuinely interested in resources like the SUCCESSION FRAMEWORK. They want to do succession planning well in their context. I LOVE THAT!

You are probably drawing a few conclusions of your own as you have read through the survey results. I would be one of those conclusions goes something like this…

“The pastors age plays a big role in how they answered these questions”


Take a look at the last post in this series to see if your “gut” is correct. I’ll also give you some interesting discoveries as we took a deeper dive into the responses.

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