Book Spotlight: TRANSITION PLAN by Bob Russell and Bryan Bucher

In early of 2012, I was introduced to Bob Russell, former Senior Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.  We were connected on a conference call to discuss the topic of succession planning.  It was a brief conversation that led to an invitation to spend a few days with he and Mrs. Judy at their home in Louisville later that summer.

In preparation for our time together I read, reread and read again Transition Plan.  Next to my Bible, it is one of the most marked up books I own.  It falls in that special category of books that I recommend but will never loan out.  It’s that important to me.  Mainly because Bob is one of my heroes.

That September, Bob and I did the first of what would be five seminars together on the topic of succession planning.  In reality, people came to hear from Bob.  I was just along for the ride.

You learn a lot about a person when you stay in their home and travel with them.  Seeing a person in different contexts, dealing with different people gives a unique glimpse into their life.  I am no expert on Bob Russell, but my observation of him during the time we spent together is that his reputation of being a humble elder is well deserved.  Bob is a good man.

Next Monday thru Friday I will be posting excerpts from the first five chapters of Transition Plan.  Here is the schedule.

  • Monday – Chapter 1, My Story
  • Tuesday – Chapter 2, Why Transitions?
  • Wednesday – Chapter 3, Lessons from Experience, Observation, and Research
  • Thursday – Chapter 4, Saying Goodbye
  • Friday – Chapter 5, Life After Retirement

In addition to the blog posts I will be tweeting various quotes from his book.  You can follow along @willardheath.

To echo the words of Max Lucado – “Every leader should read this book.”  You can purchase a copy by clicking HERE.  It is difficult (and expensive) to get your hands on a hard copy, so you may need to purchase an electronic version.