Our consulting service is a customized and collaborative process designed to guide you through a journey of “Checkpoints” to develop your comprehensive succession planning strategy.

Checkpoint #1 – Succession Planning Orientation

Having a basic understanding of what goes into developing a succession planning strategy is a critical starting point.  This orientation will provide your team a framework from which you can design your unique plan.

Checkpoint #2 – Succession Planning Strategy Design

With a succession planning framework in place your team will design an initial strategy.  Think of this as your team’s project roadmap that will be used to plug in time frames, manage and prioritize projects.  This design will also be used as the basis for developing a communication strategy.

Checkpoint #3 – Evaluating Organizational Readiness

Once you have designed your initial strategy it will be time to begin evaluating key components of your organizational structure.  The goal is to understand how prepared the organization is to navigate a season of transition and make any necessary adjustments.  Your findings will also be used as key data points as you begin to communicate your strategy to staff and other key leaders.

Checkpoint #4 – Gather Key Leaders

At some point in the process you will want to engage staff, key leaders and people of influence.  The goal of gathering these leaders is two-fold.  First, you will want to communicate the strategy your team has developed.  Second, you will need to solicit their commitment and intentional participation.  The primary purpose of these gatherings is to listen to the key stakeholders who will make the transition process successful.


Schedule a “Discovery Call”

This is our way of getting to know you and understand the specific questions you are looking to get help with.  These calls usually last anywhere from 90-120 minutes.  There is no cost for this.  From this conversation we will talk through potential next steps.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are delivered through a combination of onsite meetings and distance coaching.  We use the Discovery Call to determine the most helpful way to serve you.


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