SF partners with ministry leaders to co-develop a healthy and effective succession arrow-redplanning strategy. The services outlined below are various ways SF can help.

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General Questions Succession Plan Review
Do you have a general succession planning question we can help with? Complete the form to the right. Write your question in the comments section and hit “submit.”It is that easy! The Succession Plan Review is for teams that have formulated a succession plan but would like us to review it before hitting the “go” button.

A conference call (video or phone) will be scheduled to walk through your Succession Plan Review 2 to 3 weeks after your written succession plan is submitted.

Coaching Sessions On-site Workshop
Coaching Sessions are ideal for pastors and ministry leaders in the early stages of thinking about what a succession plan could look like in their context.

An 30-minute introductory call will be followed by three sessions designed to walk through each module of the Succession Framework.

The group discussion time provides an invaluable format to establish the framework for what will eventually become your ministry’s succession planning strategy.

Your team will walk away with clear understanding of how to move forward in developing a transition plan.