Book Spotlight : Transition Plan – Chapter 1, My Story

In the opening chapter, Bob Russell shares his journey of seeing the need to start making plans for his transition at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.

The excerpts below are direct quotes from the book.  I included the page number for your reference.

Chapter 1, My Story

The inordinate focus on one man forced us all to ask, “Is the church built on the Pastor, or is it really built on Jesus Christ?” – page 17

I believed with all my heart that what God had anointed Southeast to do was too important to allow ego or lack of vision to interrupt it. – page 17

…most any plan can work if the people involved are ready and willing to sacrifice their egos. – page 23

In retrospect, my retirement was made a lot easier because the planning took much of the emotion out of it. – page 25

Humor and humility were two essential virtues in making the transition successful. – page 28

The final decision that had an impact on the transition was the commitment to not return to a Southeast worship service for a year after my retirement.  Several Elders later confided that they did not see the necessity of this when the idea was first introduced, but later realized the wisdom of it. – page 32

Looking back four years later, I can’t think of any major part of the transition that I would do differently…There are several minor adjustments I would make, however.  First, I would have scheduled a monthly luncheon with Dave Stone following my retirement. – page 35

We could have done better at transitioning the Elders also. – page 36

One other change I would have made was to be more understanding of my wife’s feelings about the approaching transition. – page 36

I’ve discovered the greatest period of your life is when the kids are grown, the bills are paid and the dog’s dead! – page 38

I’m thankful I stepped away when I did, proving that the church belongs to Jesus. – page 38

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