Book Spotlight : Transition Plan – Chapter 2, Why Transitions?

In the first chapter of Transition Plan, Bob gives us a behind the scenes look at the circumstances that lead to his developing a succession plan at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.  In chapter two, he begins to unpack the broader issue of why developing a transition plan is so important.

Here are some specific highlights from the chapter.

Chapter 2, Why Transitions?

There are five obvious reasons why every leader needs to think about transitioning. – page 42

The first is that we are all going to die. – page 42

The second reason leaders need to consider transitioning is that we lose energy and imagination as we age. – page 42

The third reason transitions are essential – older leaders almost always lose the ability to inspire younger people. – page 43

There’s a fourth reason for transitioning.  When a proper transition is made, the one stepping aside has another chapter of meaningful life to live and is respected in that role. – page 44

The final and most important reason for transitioning is for the good of the organization. – page 45

The ability/inability to pass the baton successfully determines the ongoing success of the organization and the leader’s legacy. – page 48

The five years I spent with the Elder Board carefully planning and executing the transition process were some of the most important years of my ministry. – page 53

On pages 46 and 47, Bob uses the illustration of a relay race to pull out six powerful principles.  These six ideas alone are worth the price of the book.  You can purchase a copy HERE.

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