Book Spotlight : Transition Plan – Chapter 4, Saying Goodbye

In case you are just now joining us, I have spent this week highlighting various excerpts from Bob Russell’s book Transition Plan.

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In his fourth chapter, Bob talks about some of the highlights of how he said “goodbye” to Southeast Christian Church.  The grace and humility with which he left was truly inspiring.

Chapter 4, Saying Goodbye…

Someone compared a ministry transition to conducting a wedding and a funeral at the same time. – page 75

Only when the itch to pay respect and say goodbye is itched will the congregation be ready to move on. – page 76

In the end, probably not one word of what Dave and I said at the transition service will be remembered, but that baton and all it stands for will be remembered for years to come. – page 79

There comes a time to close a chapter.  You can go back and review it and enjoy it, but don’t make the mistake of trying to live in yesterday’s chapter. – page 83.  A quote from Dr. Lewis Foster

The way you say goodbye matters.  Bob’s comments on celebrating the new leader are important principles to account for in your process.

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