Your Season

Here is a “truism” in life – The season you’re in determines the actions you take.

Some seasons are easily understood and adapted to.

Our family’s schedule during the summer is different than our schedule during the school year. It’s next to impossible to find pumpkin spiced anything in June. Cold weather means you dress differently.

The concept is pretty clear. Our priorities and actions change to align with the seasons we go through. Everyone understands this. Everyone accepts this.

There are other types of seasons we go through, however, that are not as easy to identify because they are not marked by changes in menus, weather patterns or school bus schedules.

A young woman that graduates from college starts her new career. There needs to be a period of time where she simply observes and learns. How long should that be? My heart was pounding the first time I told Ali I loved her! As far as I was concerned, the season of our relationship had changed. The thought that she would disagree scared me to death.

Every change in season requires a new perspective and a different set of actions.

Some of the funniest things we see are people who do things that contradict the season they are in.

People snow skiing in bathing suits…

Drinking coffee at 2pm in the middle of August in Texas…

Watching grandpa do the Hokey Pokey at his granddaughter’s birthday party…

But isn’t it also true that some of the saddest, most disappointing things we observe are people acting in a way that contradicts the season they are in.

A 27-year-old son acting like he is still a sophomore in college…

A professional athlete or celebrity that shop lifts…

A leader who doesn’t to acknowledge it is time for a transition…

God provides two “lenses” by which we are to understand the idea of time. One lens is designed for us to see and understand the seasons we navigate. The other lens provides insight into specific actions required to steward the changing seasons well.

Stewarding a season of transition requires that we look through both lenses.


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